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Sunday, May 3

Craft of non-fiction for youth:

Writing Authentic Emotion

Designed for ages 13-16

Virtual class

Duration: 1 hour

The teenage years are full of intense emotions, high highs and low lows, passionate friendships and devastating break-ups. Covid has intensified these already big feelings. This class will use the craft of non fiction to write emotions authentically, a skill that will hopefully be a life long asset.

Sunday, April 18

Writing Race as a person of color: Youth Writing Class

Designed for ages 17-19

Virtual class

Duration: 1 hour

How we experience the world and how the world experiences us is often related to our race. In this class we will explore writing by authors of color and using prompts to participate in a writing exercise geared towards writing authentically as a youth of color.


Sunday, March 28

Reading like a Writer:

Close Reading for Youth

Designed for ages 13-16

Virtual class

Duration: 1 hour

The first step to becoming a good writer is to first be a good reader. In this class we will look at work from key American authors to understand the craft of good writing. Afterwards we will use writing prompts, borrowed from our close reading to craft our own early writing.

Sunday, March 7 & March 14

Creative non-fiction

Beyond your own oxygen mask: Mothering the Pandemic

Via Zoom  - Duration: 2.5  hours

2020 has been a year like no other for everyone. Many have been isolated, many have had enormous losses, and so many have feared for their health. For mothers however, it has come with more responsibilities than ever before. Through the pandemic, they have had to comfort and center their children,  stand-in for educational and emotional needs, while also working, caregiving and remaining safe. To many it has felt that the world has forgotten mothers. Using the building blocks of personal essay writing and exploring their individual voices, this class will help mothers use non-fiction to share the impact of Covid on their lives and bear witness to a year of making the impossible possible.


Fiction writing 101

Location: Women's institute

All writers, experienced or otherwise, are intimidated by starting a novel. Where to start? How to edit? What's the simplest way to create structure? In this one day class, we will get a quick cheat-sheet on the novel writing process, including time-lines, editing, and querying agents.

Corporate Writing

Location: WeWork/PariSoma

All businesses have stories - how they were formed, why they were formed, what problem do they solve and for whom. Having this narrative built out, goes a long way in telling the corporate story. In this class, we will build out the materials and messages suited for corporate story-telling greared towards early stage start-ups.

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